People love our Breakfast

Full English Breakfast.
Full English Breakfast.
Guests enjoying their breakfast.
Guests enjoying their breakfast.

Breakfast is optional at R80 per person. Make sure that you book with breakfast, as normal rates are for room only.

Most of our reviews, mention our breakfast, someplace or another, proving that people love us for it. We give a big, value for money meal, that pleases everyone. During check-in, we ask what your preferences are and the ‘big’ question, pork or no-pork. If you do eat pork, there will be ample bacon, made to perfection. Our supplier knows by now not to give us overly fat bacon, as it will just be sent back to them. If you do not eat bacon, we replace it with something else, like lamb sausage or some other tasty sausage.

Self help.

Open Kitchen

Wide breakfast scenario.

We do not dish up for you, you do that yourself and is welcome to dish big or small, as your appetite demands.
Feel free to take more of an item if you feel like it.

What is on the Menu.

Ellen preparing the guest egg order.
Ellen preparing the guest egg order.

Basically, our breakfast is an English breakfast, starting at the self-help tea and coffee table, where you will find hot and cold milk.
Order your eggs first thing, so you can enjoy the other items while we prepare your order.

Cereals station with Yogurt, hot and cold milk.

Then we move to the Cereals station, with a variety of cereals to suit every taste.
Here you will also find a bowl of fresh yogurt to use with your cereal.
We also place out small sealed yogurts.

Hot food station. See variety below.

Next station is the hot food on a hotplate where you will find a selection of three dishes, a combination of the following.

    •  Plain Mushrooms,
    • Feta cheese on Mushrooms,
    • Mushrooms with sweet chili sauce,
    • Bacon,
    • Thin lamb Sausages,
    • Boerewors,
    • Fruit Boerewors,
    • Sausage with tomato and unions,
    • Potatoes fried with onions,
    • Cheese cocktail sausages,
    • Savory mince,
    • Chicken nuggets,
    • Fish fingers,
  • Fried tomatoes.

We alternate these dishes to prevent boredom, but make sure it is a combination that give value for money.

Then we move to the next station, being the stove.
Here you order eggs from the chef, however you prefer them.
All the styles like sunny side up etc., boiled, poached, scrambled, omelet if not too busy, etc.

Finally, on the table, we have a variety of sauces
and Fruit juices.

Breakfast Capacity

Maximum people per sitting is 20 people.
We check with you during check-in what time you want your breakfast and plan the sittings accordingly.
You can also ask for your breakfast to be plated and taken to your room, so you can, as a result, sleep in a bit longer.

Sitting Times.

Breakfast is available from 7 AM till 8:30 AM weekdays and preferably between 8am and 9AM over weekends.

View from table.
View from table.
Relax & enjoy your stay!

Be assured that we will bend over backward to make sure you are happy!

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