Calling Contractors – Long stay special.



























Are you pressed on finishing your project?
Do you need to bring in more people to finish the job?
Already over budget and into penalties?
Need affordable accommodation?

Here is the answer:

Sleep up to 19 people at R110.53 per head per night.
Self catering (cooking and canteen facilities) for R60 per night.
Supply your own cooking ware and crockery/cutlery. We will wash them everyday.
Keep management on the top floor and workers at the bottom, on same premises.


Pre payment only.
Minimum two week stay.
Must take the whole house, so R2100 per night.
Self catering charged extra.
Price will change from 1 Jan 2019.
We are VAT registered and will give legal TAX INVOICE.

Rooms, two single beds or one double. bar fridge most rooms.
“Canteen with fridge”





































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Swembad met huis in agtergrond.