Free WiFi

LapTop in room 4
Free WiFi

For your convenience you have free WiFi Internet access in all the rooms at Housemartin and Mascarene Martin Guesthouses.
Use it for normal Internet, App’s and Email use, like browsing the Internet, Social Media and be in touch with the office via email. If you want to watch YouTube all the time, it will definitely not be enough, but it is very inexpensive to buy more data.


Your allocated use per booking is 2GB, split onto 2 devices.
This is more than enough for normal usage as described above. If you need more, you can buy 1GB vouchers at R20 each.

Also note that we do not throttle your speed to make your data seem to last longer. We have high speed internet and data gets used fast.

Be mindful of this and keep track of what you are doing. Data is not measured by time, but usage.


During check-in, ask for  your WiFi voucher, at Reception, which you can use anywhere on the property.
You scan for AP (Access Point) and select Housemartin and Mascarene Guests. You connect to this AP and tick the box, fill in your voucher code.

Guests login screen


You now have Internet access, via our Mesh AP Network and it will work everywhere on our grounds. All your Internet applications will have full Internet access.



Your usage is monitored by Unify Controller, who will advise you when your limit is reached. You can then ask for a new voucher or buy more data from us, depending the situation.